Grow The Beard And Facial Hair That Other Men Will Envy

If you have been pining for a beard or some stylish facial scruff, there are ways to encourage hair to grow. A beard is a sign of virility, and it is becoming quite stylish to sport some sort of facial hair. If you want a beard that will make others jealous, try these tips to foster growth: Add a packet of unflavored gelatin. Start adding a packet of unflavored gelatin to your morning smoothie or a glass of water each night. [Read More]

Create A Helpful Gift Basket For The New Mom In Your Life

Having a baby is an exciting time for new moms, but the experience can also be draining and stressful when it comes to taking care of a newborn 24 hours a day. Every mom needs a little rest, relaxation, and support in order to make the first few weeks of being a new mom manageable. A great way to congratulate the new mom in your life and offer her a little extra support is to put together an enticing gift basket for her. [Read More]

4 Ways To Help Treat Large Pores

Large pores are a common problem, especially for men, who tend to suffer from this issue more than women. However, large pores tend to be a bigger issue for women because many women want silky, soft skin that will help them look younger. If this is the case for you, you will want to know what you can do to treat large pores. Here are four ways to do it: [Read More]

This Wax Was Too Hot! Three Great Ways To Repair Damaged Skin Right At Home After Waxing

Waxing at home comes with its own set of possible accidents. One of the most common accidents that occur from home waxing are burns. It is hard to tell if you overheated your wax until it is too late, leaving you with mild burns, redness and swelling. You don't have to deal with the pain because there are several home remedies you can whip up that reduce the pain and mild burns while also minimizing the redness and swelling. [Read More]