Protecting Your Hair From Heat

Best Hairstyles For Men With Thinning Hair

If you've got thinning hair, you can shave it all off and join the ranks of confident baldies Bruce Willis and the Rock. However, if you're not quite there yet, a few select hairstyles can help make the most of what you've got.

To really rock these styles, you've got to come to terms with your thinning hair and wear it with confidence. In most cases, balding comes down to genetics; you've just got to accept it and get on with your life.

Receding Temples

If your hair is disappearing at your temples, you can balance things out by keeping the sides of your hair at least an inch long. Experiment with different lengths on top to see what suits you. This type of thinning has probably given you a debonair widow's peak. Make the most of it with a side part and side-swept styling. Look to Leo DiCaprio and Henry Cavill for your hairstyle inspiration.

Thinning at the Crown

A little bit of camouflage can come into play if you've got thinning at the crown. Keep your hair about an inch all over, but on or near the thinning spot let the hair grow a little longer. Don't go nuts with this and end up with a comb over. If you keep the overall length of your hair no more than two inches, you should be alright. You can also grow your hair longer on top and keep it short on the sides, like David Beckham.

Hair on the Sides, Bald on Top

The best hairstyle solution for this type of hair loss is the buzz cut. It keeps things looking neat, and with the remaining hair very short all around, the bald areas don't stand out in as much as they would if you had longer hair on the sides. Keep your hair no more than half an inch on the sides, like Matt Lauer or Jason Statham.

Thinning All Over

If you're hair's thinning all over rather than in one particular spot, a short, layered cut can help to give your hair more volume. Shampoo frequently to prevent your hair from getting greasy and stringy-looking. Use a thickening shampoo; this type of shampoo contains polymers that plump up the hair shaft to temporarily make it look thicker. Using a dry shampoo between washings will also help keep the pep in your hair.  Matthew McConaughey has hair that's thinning all over, and he always wears it with volume.

No one looks forward to losing their hair, but keep your head held high. Talk to your barber or hairstylist about the look that's best for you and your hair. With the right hair cutting services, you can still look great.