Protecting Your Hair From Heat

Are You Using The Best Conditioner For Your Hair?

Want to know a secret? There is no one-size-fits-all hair conditioner. When some people are on the hunt for conditioner, they fail to consider their own hair. This is a mistake. For instance, moisturizing conditioners are great, but if you have naturally oily hair, they will only contribute to your problem. Make sure you're choosing conditioners that will be complementary.

Dry or Brittle Hair

Dry or brittle hair is often a symptom of damaged hair. When choosing a conditioner for this hair type, look for products that will restore your hair's health. Deep conditioners are typically your best bet. Deep conditioners are more potent, which allows them to target your hair on a more heightened level.

This type of conditioner will generally offer a good balance of moisture and essential oils, which damaged hair is often lacking. It's best to use a deep conditioner until your hair is restored. After this point, you can switch to another type of conditioner.

Oily or Limp Hair

If you have oily or limp hair, you know styling your hair can be a challenge. The last thing you want to do is add more moisture to your hair as this will only weigh your hair down even further. Look for balancing conditioners. Balancing conditioners are designed to add protein to your hair, while also removing excess oil, helping to level out, or neutralize, your hair.  

To get the most benefit from the conditioner make sure you are thoroughly shampooing your hair before application. Make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly to prevent any leftover product as this will only contribute to your oil issues.

Thin Hair

You can't exactly make your hair fuller in an instant, but you can definitely make it look fuller rather quickly. Volumizing conditioner is how you achieve this. How full hair looks has a lot to do with how weighted the hair is. Even if a person with thick hair adds too much moisture to their hair, this can make it appear thinner than it actually is.

Volumizing conditioner adds a low-level of hydration to the hair in order to avoid emollient buildup, which weighs hair down and makes it look flat. For the best outcome, use an entire line of volumizing products, including shampoo and hairspray.   

No matter what type of hair you have, the main goal is beautiful and healthy hair. Make sure you are choosing a product that will help you achieve these benefits.

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