Hair Braiding: How To Prepare Your Hair And Select Your Braids

Braids are an excellent style option because they can last upwards of a couple of months and make caring for your hair easier. Before your appointment, preparing your natural hair and selecting your braids will be necessary. Preparation The day before your appointment, wash your hair and scalp with a simple shampoo that doesn't leave any residue. Skip any conditioners or other hair products. These can make it harder for the braids to grip your natural hair.

Services To Splurge On When You Go To Get A Hair Cut

If you are planning to get your hair cut, treat yourself to a few services that many salons and shops offer their clientele. Many men may not realize their options when it comes to grooming treatments; here are a few services that are worth the splurge during your next haircut appointment:  Deep Conditioning  A haircut is a perfect time to have your hair deep conditioned, and you have several different options, too.