Protecting Your Hair From Heat

Services To Splurge On When You Go To Get A Hair Cut

If you are planning to get your hair cut, treat yourself to a few services that many salons and shops offer their clientele. Many men may not realize their options when it comes to grooming treatments; here are a few services that are worth the splurge during your next haircut appointment: 

Deep Conditioning 

A haircut is a perfect time to have your hair deep conditioned, and you have several different options, too. Consider one of these deep conditioning treatments: 

  • Moisture treatments make your hair softer and shinier, typically through leave-in conditioning that is often all-natural.  
  • Keratin treatments repair damaged ends and seal in moisture. Your hair will feel softer and easier to style after.  
  • Protein treatments help brittle hair become stronger and more fortified. Protein often makes the hair fuller with more body and waves.  

Brow Waxing

When you go to get a haircut, get your brows waxed, too. Eyebrows grow just like the hair on your head.  Without maintenance, you can get a bushy unibrow. Ask your stylist to wax and groom your brows but be wary of too much eyebrow arch.  

Barber Shave

Have you ever experienced a professional barber shave? If your hairstylist offers this service, try it for yourself. A true barber shave involves a warm, luscious lather and a very close shave, followed by a warm, steamy towel. The result is soft skin, clean pores, and the smoothest shave ever.   

Spa Facials

Take care of your skin with a facial regularly. A facial feels great but also helps maintain and protect your skin, too. The facialist will get rid of any ingrown hairs, clogged pores, or blackheads — so you will leave with refreshed and rejuvenated skin. Talk to your hair salon about spa facials, if available.   

Nail Treatments

Nail treatments are something else to consider when getting your hair cut. Few things are as comforting and soothing as a pedicure, and men are advised to regularly have their feet manicured. Dead skin can accumulate on the soles of your feet, creating callouses and irritation. A pedicure sloughs this dry skin away, revealing soft and moisturized skin.  

Going to get a haircut? Go ahead and splurge on some of these spa and salon services, too. Check out salons in your area online to view offerings and price points before making your appointment.   

For more info about men's hair cut services, contact a professional in your area.