How to Find the Perfect Hair Salon for You

Getting your hair done should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, not a stressful one. Finding the best one for you can be a little tricky, but taking the right steps will ensure you fight a quality salon with a stylist you'll love with little fuss. Here's how you can do it. Do Your Research There are several ways you can immediately narrow your search. First, look beyond results for reviews and photos; beyond looking for a broad consensus as to the quality of the salon, look specifically for things reviewers liked and disliked about their experiences.

Questions You Probably Have About The Hair Transplant Process

Getting hair transplants can be really exciting since doing so will allow you to enjoy a lush, full head of hair once again. However, going into the process, you're sure to have a few questions and concerns. Here are some of those questions — along with their answers. Where will the hair be removed from? The hair used in hair transplants is taken from your own head — not from a cadaver or from your arm as you may have heard.

Hair Styling Tips For Men

The right haircut can enhance your looks and change your entire style. If you've never given much thought to your hair before, don't worry. Hairstyling doesn't have to be difficult. Here are four hair styling tips that every man can use: 1. Visit a hair stylist. If you want to change up your look, spend the money to go to a place that specializes in men's haircut services. You can go anywhere for a trim, but when overhauling your style, you should go to a stylist with experience.

Are You Surprising Your Teen Daughter With A Balayage Treatment? 3 Tips To Keep Her New Look In Perfect Condition

Balayage still remains one of the hottest coloring techniques for teens since it involves painting on colors in ways that mimic natural highlights. While your daughter will love being able to show off her new trendy hairstyle, you'll also love knowing that this is a low-maintenance type of color treatment that tends to look more natural on younger girls. Now that you've planned to surprise her with a visit to the balayage hair styling salon, you can use these three tips to help her take care of her new look.

Does Your Thick Frizzy Hair Get Pulled Up Every Day? Get a Fresh and Easy Look Fast

Living with thick and frizzy hair that takes a long time to style can be frustrating, and if you feel like your hair is hurting your self-confidence it's time to make a change. If throwing your hair up into a ponytail or bun is something that you do every day instead of styling it because you don't have time or energy in the morning, but you like how you look when it's smoothed and styled, you want to get to a hair stylist and make these changes right away.