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Thread Lift Treatment: Can It Rejuvenate Your Face?

If your facial skin looks tired and old, you may try to rejuvenate it with store-bought beauty treatments. But if your beauty treatments fail to instill new life into your skin, try thread lift treatment instead. Thread lift treatment is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment used to rejuvenate your skin. Learn more about thread lift treatment below.

What Should You Know About Thread Lift Treatment?

Thread lift treatment is a fairly new cosmetic treatment. The treatment uses absorbable sutures to tighten and lift your facial skin. Absorbable sutures absorb, or melt, into the skin as it heals. Your skin looks and feels smoother and younger after treatment.

Thread lift treatment is an outpatient procedure, which means you can leave the treatment site on the same day as your appointment. Prior to your appointment, a specialist will examine your skin for blemishes, sores, and other things that may keep your skin from healing or absorbing the sutures.

If your skin does have a problem that could potentially interfere with your sutures, a skincare specialist may suggest you reschedule your appointment until after you treat your condition. If your skin checks out fine, a specialist will schedule your procedure.

The time needed to complete the procedure may vary from person to person. The procedural time may depend on how many areas of the face you need to treat. For example, your treatment may take longer if you need sutures placed in multiple places, such as your jawline, chin, and cheeks. A specialist will go into more detail regarding the treatment time during your initial examination. 

Now that you know what to expect before and during your procedure, it's time to learn what you may expect after you undergo it.

What Should You Expect After Treatment?

After you leave the treatment site, you may experience some mild discomfort in the skin around your sutures. The discomfort may go once your sutures begin to absorb into your skin. A specialist may recommend you take mild pain medication to ease your discomfort.

You may also need to take precautions when you cleanse your facial skin. You want to avoid rubbing, stretching, or exfoliating your skin until a specialist recommends you do so. You can dislodge the sutures if you don't follow a specialist's skincare recommendations. A specialist will generally provide you with instructions on how to maintain your skin until it heals.

Learn more about thread lift treatment and how to schedule your procedure by contacting a skincare business, such as Desert Bloom Skin Care, today.