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Key Things To Know Before Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair on your upper lip can be a real nuisance. You can wax it, but doing so is painful and only gives you a few weeks of hairlessness. You can shave it, but this leaves stubble. For many people with unwanted upper lip hair, the best solution is laser hair removal. However, there are a few key things you should know before scheduling your procedure.

You'll need more than one treatment.

People often think they'll go in for one laser hair removal treatment and be done forever. But this is not exactly how it works. After one treatment, the hair on your upper lip will be greatly diminished, but it won't be gone completely. At any one time, there are some hairs on your upper lip that aren't in an active stage of growth and therefore cannot be targeted by the laser. So, you'll need to go back for a follow-up treatment a few weeks after your first in order to target these hairs and enjoy more thorough results. Some patients need a couple of follow-up treatments. Laser hair removal is a fast and convenient hair removal option, but you need to be a little patient. 

It doesn't hurt too badly, but you will feel something.

Having a laser zap the delicate skin of your upper lip may sound painful. However, the procedure isn't really that uncomfortable. Most practitioners apply a numbing gel before they start using the laser, and this goes a long way to reduce your discomfort. You'll probably feel some pinching and mild stinging, but it should be a lot less uncomfortable than getting your lip waxed!

You need to shave before treatment.

You may be used to growing your hair out before a waxing appointment. But with laser hair removal, you need to do the opposite. Laser hair removal works best when you shave within a day of your appointment. This way, the laser can better target the hair follicles rather than the hairs themselves, and it's the follicles that need to die for longer-lasting hair removal. If you need follow-up treatments, you'll be asked to shave before each one.

Laser hair removal can be a really good choice for anyone with unwanted hair on their upper lip. It's not terribly painful, the sessions are short, and while you will need several sessions, the results are generally worth the time they take. A place like Idea Laser could be a good place to find more information. Good luck with your treatment!