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Choosing Wigs That Look Natural

Wigs give you the incredible ability to make it look as though you have a full head of thick hair. But of course, you want your wig to look like natural hair and not like a wig! While some of this comes from knowing how to put the wig on properly, it's also important to choose the right type of wig. Here are some key features that will make a wig look more natural when worn.

A Lace Front

Wigs with a lace front have a piece of thin lace that comes forward towards the forehead. The hair is sewn into this lace, rather than being sewn into a thicker fabric. The gradual transition from fabric to lace as the wig comes forward on your head helps give it a more natural look. Plus, the lace is thinner and more easily compressed against your scalp, making it less obvious that you're wearing a wig. Lace wigs are also lightweight, which means they are less likely to shift on your head, even when it gets a bit warm and humid. The lace lets your scalp breathe, so you're less likely to get that tell-tale sweaty forehead people often get with heavier wigs.

Natural, Virgin Hair

While wigs made with artificial hair are definitely more convincing now than they were 30 years ago, they still don't look as real or natural as those made with natural hair. There's a way that natural hair flows that artificial hair can't perfectly imitate. Plus, you can style a natural hair wig just as you would your own hair. 

When you're looking at natural hair wigs, also look for those marked "virgin." This just means the hair used has never been dyed or chemically treated. This gives you the option of then having the wig dyed or highlighted to meet your specific preferences.

Custom Cap Size

Some wigs come in two or three sizes. You might fit one of these sizes perfectly, but if you don't, then your wig may slide a bit or feel too tight, both of which are problems that make it more obvious you're wearing a wig. It is better to look for a wig that comes in custom cap sizes. You measure your scalp, send in the measurement, and the wig company sends you a wig with that cap size.

Of course, you want your wig to look natural. With the features above, it will!

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