Protecting Your Hair From Heat

Why Sailors Interested In Real Estate May Want A Hair Salon Suite

Merchant sailors spend a lot of time away from their land home but also have a lot of downtime. If they want to avoid sitting around too much and figure that a side hustle would keep them busy when on land, a good real estate gig may be a great idea. And by investing in a hair salon suite, they can make even more money while they are out on the boat as a sailor.

Real Estate Makes a Good Side Hustle

Life as a marine merchant can be both exciting and surprisingly slow. For example, many merchant sailors spend months at a time at home with nothing to do but relax. However, some clever sailors may be capable of making extra money by getting into the real estate market. Those extra months on land will make this a great option for many who are interested in this profession.

However, they need to make sure that they spend the time properly gauging what type of property is right for their investment needs. Some people may focus on specialized property that is designed for a pretty specific purpose. For example, some may find that a hair salon suite is a good real estate investment, particularly if they find a way to convert more money from this salon into their pockets.

Why a Salon Suite is a Good Investment

A hair salon suite is a good idea for a real estate investment because there is almost always a demand for them. Many women and men go to beauty school to learn the art of managing hair and use their knowledge to start a career. By owning a fully-stocked hair salon suite, a sailor can rent out the space to starting beauticians and give them a chance to begin their career in a safe and reasonable environment.

And if these sailors invest in the items that the beauticians use, they can charge them a little extra to use them every day. These extra charges don't have to be huge – even an extra dollar a day is a good option because it will more than pay for the items. And even if beauticians leave to start their own shop, it shouldn't be too hard to get more people to join up based on the promise of easy rent.

This type of money flow can help a sailor quickly pay off their mortgage – as they can charge a "chair fee" for each beautician that can more than cover their mortgage when added up – and save up this extra cash to either retire early, invest in more real estate, or have a large nest egg for a rainy day. Look into a real estate franchise for hair salon suites today.