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Are You Surprising Your Teen Daughter With A Balayage Treatment? 3 Tips To Keep Her New Look In Perfect Condition

Balayage still remains one of the hottest coloring techniques for teens since it involves painting on colors in ways that mimic natural highlights. While your daughter will love being able to show off her new trendy hairstyle, you'll also love knowing that this is a low-maintenance type of color treatment that tends to look more natural on younger girls. Now that you've planned to surprise her with a visit to the balayage hair styling salon, you can use these three tips to help her take care of her new look.

Teach Her Basic Color Care Strategies

Colored hair tends to be more fragile than natural strands, and special care must be taken to preserve the color. Now that your daughter is at an age where you are comfortable with her coloring her hair, she is also old enough to learn how to take care of it. Use this experience as a chance to pass down some parental wisdom about how to prevent damage, such as rinsing her hair with water after spending time in a chlorinated pool. Your daughter may also need to use a special type of hair brush or shampoo that is meant to reduce damage to color-treated hair. When in doubt, ask her stylist. They should have recommendations on ways to keep that gorgeous color fresh for as long as possible.

Encourage Her to Do Conditioning Treatments

Balayage is fairly gentle on hair, but any type of coloring can lead to dryness that impacts how your daughter's hair looks. This is especially true if she frequently uses heat to style her hair or pulls it into tight styles that can cause breakage. Teenagers who engage in sports also tend to have dryer hair due to the effects of spending time in the outdoor elements. Help your daughter find a conditioning treatment that works with her hair type. For instance, an almond oil mask applied once a week can help soften her strands so that the color is more brilliant.

Plan to Freshen It Up

One of the benefits of balayage is that the color continues to blend with the rest of the hair as it grows out. This means that your daughter can usually skip having to have touch ups done every four to six weeks like she would with another type of coloring technique. However, it is still important to visit the balayage styling salon every few months for touch ups that keep her look fresh.

Your teen daughter has been waiting to try out the latest coloring trends for long enough. By using this as a chance to show her how to care for her hair, you can set her up for a lifetime of knowing how to protect her lovely locks from damage and preserve the colors that she loves.

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