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Old Shag Hair Style Gives Way To Modern Shag

Just like shoe styles, your old hairstyle will return one day in this modern world. Remember when having a shag cut was the in-thing? A shag haircut was then a divine statement of keeping up with hairstyles that made you look young and beautiful. Many women wanted their locks to look like that of movie stars. All that mattered was that your shag style flowed. Now you can have a short or long shag as long as the shag enhances the contours of your unique face.

On A Come-Back Trail

Yes, the glamorous styles speak well about beauty. However, the shag is on a come-back trail. Plenty of people think that its reinvention is long overdue, while others beg to differ. The latter feel that the style is outdated.

A Growing Trend

Hair salon queen bees, however, note that shag styling is a growing trend. Hair salon professionals note that customers want this retro style that is so simple but elegant and lovely. The thing is that they want a more modern shag styling. What then is the modern shag hair styling? Exactly what defines its allure for customers who desire high fashion looks with a standout flare for shag styling?

Definition Of The New Shag

First of all, the new and modern shag style should look fashionable whether you're attending a formal supper or a cocktail party, or while you're just relaxing at home with a few friends. The new shag lets you look enchanting in an at-home kind of way. Your transformation is not fussy but appears to be a classic updated look that didn't take a lot of time to style. Professional stylists say you can lift a few strands of your hair when you get home and just try laying them in a way that's definitive of your unique beauty. If you have a flowing modern shag, you can sweep all of it into a high ponytail that shows off your sleek-looking and chiseled cheekbones.

Mixing Old Shag With New And Modern Shag

What emerges from the new shag is that it manages to still use some of its predecessors' old style but with a much softer shag approach. It's done when you place strategic layers of wispy hair falling around your face if you want to. Modern shag creates movement whenever you turn your head in a way that is very slow moving and natural, and it's created for you whether your style is long hair or short hair shag.

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