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4 Fast Facts To Know About Ultherapy

Living with loose skin and wrinkles on the body, neck, and face is possible, but these imperfections can affect your appearance, self-esteem and overall quality of life. Cosmetic surgeries are popular options for tightening loose, saggy skin, but these procedures are often invasive and dangerous. Thankfully, ultherapy is a safer, less invasive treatment option because it uses ultrasound technology inside of surgery that requires incisions and anesthesia. Here are a few important facts to know about ultherapy.

1. Not for Weight Loss

One of the first things you should know is that the treatment is not a method of weight loss. If you are overweight and want to reduce fat on your body, diet and exercise is your best option as opposed to therapy. If you have loose, saggy skin due age or after losing a good amount of weight with diet and exercise, the ultrasound technology can help. Also, if you have fine and wrinkles due to age and exposure to the sun, you may be a good candidate for ultherapy.

2. It's Safe

You should consult your doctor before using any type of cosmetic procedure or treatment because there are risks involved with everything. However, ultherapy is non-invasive and safe. As a matter of fact, ultherapy was approved by the Food and Drug administration in 2009 as an effective and safe procedure to lifting eyebrows and loose skin under the neck and chin. In addition, the FDA approved the procedure for removing lines and wrinkles on chest area.

3. Results are Not Immediate

If you expect to see dramatic results immediately after the procedure, you will be disappointed. Each person is different, but most patients will not see any improvement in their fine lines, wrinkles, and loose skin for a few months. Also, ultherapy may require multiple treatments over a period of time for the most effective improvements.

4. No Recovery Period

One of the greatest benefits of ultherapy is that there is virtually no recovery period needed after the treatment. After a surgical procedure to tighten skin, you may need to spend time in the hospital before going home to rest and recover. Because recovering from anesthesia can be dangerous and time-consuming and incisions can become infected, recovering from a surgery can be more involved and overwhelming.

You should be able to go home immediately after the ultherapy and resume your normal everyday activities without any worry or discomfort. If you want a non-invasive, effective solution for tightening loose skin, ultherapy may be the answer. For more information, contact a company like Belle Meade Skin & Laser.