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Four Tips For Your First Appointment At A New Hair Salon

Your hair says so much about your style and personality. It can be intimidating to let someone new work on your hair, so during your first appointment at a new salon, it is normal to feel a bit nervous and apprehensive. However, with the tips below, you can ensure that first appointment goes smoothly and becomes the start to a great relationship with a new stylist.

1. Show up with clean hair.

When you do not know your stylist well, you are more likely to feel embarrassed if your scalp is a little oily or your hair has product buildup. Rest assured that stylists are not bothered by this -- it's their job. However, you will feel more comfortable if you show up to your appointment with clean hair. And when you are comfortable, you will do a better job of communicating what you like and want to your stylist.

2. Bring pictures.

One of the first things your stylist is going to ask is what you want done to your hair. After you get to know a stylist well, you may be able to communicate this with a few sentences. But when you're new to the salon, you want to bring along pictures to show exactly what you want. Bring several pictures, and talk to your stylist about what you really like and do not like about each one. This conversation will help your stylist get to know your preferences, which will help ensure you get the cut and color you really want.

3. Allow extra time.

Your first appointment is going to take a little longer than most since your stylist will need to get to know you and your preferences. So, allow yourself plenty of buffer time before you have to be anywhere important. In general, you should allow at least 2 hours if you're getting your hair cut and colored, and 3 hours if you're getting highlights. Contact a salon, like Divine  Hair Design, to get a better idea of appointment lengths.

4. Tip generously.

Tipping is expected in the salon industry. At your first appointment, be prepared to tip a full 20% on your service -- unless your stylist truly does not meet your expectations. Tipping well will help you get appointments more easily in the future, even when your stylist is busy. 

Follow the four tips above, and your first appointment at a new hair salon will be just the beginning of a new and beneficial hair care relationship.