Protecting Your Hair From Heat

Grow The Beard And Facial Hair That Other Men Will Envy

If you have been pining for a beard or some stylish facial scruff, there are ways to encourage hair to grow. A beard is a sign of virility, and it is becoming quite stylish to sport some sort of facial hair. If you want a beard that will make others jealous, try these tips to foster growth:

Add a packet of unflavored gelatin. Start adding a packet of unflavored gelatin to your morning smoothie or a glass of water each night. Gelatin contains collagen, which is the building-block of healthy hair and skin. While the jury is out on how effective flavored gelatin snacks are in regard to hair growth, a packet of unflavored gelatin powder will provide the collagen that you need to grow that beard.

Treat yourself to a facial massage. Start going to the salon or spa for a facial massage on a regular basis. Massage is useful in stimulating hair follicles, and this stimulation can foster the growth of hair. Whether you are looking for a bit more on top or if you covet a full, lush beard, massage can help.

Take care of your skin. If you want a healthy head of hair or beard, you first need healthy skin. Take good care of your skin by scrubbing away dead cells, moisturizing daily, and cleaning your face with a gentle cleanser daily. Also, consider adding a Vitamin E capsule to your daily regimen, as this supplement contributes to healthy skin and hair.

Speed up your metabolism. If you have trouble growing facial hair or feel that you are losing your hair, it might be an issue with your thyroid. Hypothyroidism is a slowing of your metabolism that comes from an under-active thyroid, and that can result in hair loss, shedding, and the inability to grow hair. Have your doctor give you a thyroid test to rule out this underlying medical issue.

Cut out the antacids. Oddly enough, stomach acid plays a role in the growth of hair. Stomach acid metabolizes proteins, which is what you need in order to grow a full head of hair or impressive beard. If you find that you take antacids frequently for heartburn or stomach upset, cut back. Talk with a doctor about alternative ways to address these issues that won't impact hair growth.

Take these tips and grow the beard that others will envy. Watch out for underlying medical issues that could be keeping you from your full, thick beard, and talk to your doctor about supplements that could promote hair growth safely. Have your provider conduct a thyroid test to ensure this is not hindering hair growth, and to begin medication to speed-up and resolve hypothyroidism. Go to websites that discuss beards for more information about growing facial hair.