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Create A Helpful Gift Basket For The New Mom In Your Life

Having a baby is an exciting time for new moms, but the experience can also be draining and stressful when it comes to taking care of a newborn 24 hours a day. Every mom needs a little rest, relaxation, and support in order to make the first few weeks of being a new mom manageable. A great way to congratulate the new mom in your life and offer her a little extra support is to put together an enticing gift basket for her. Here are a few things you can include in your gift basket to ensure that it's just as helpful and supportive as it is enjoyable:

An Online Book Rental Membership

Gifting the new mom in your life with an online book rental membership will give her an opportunity to indulge in a good novel during her downtime without having to shop at the local book store or head to the library with a newborn in tow. Most online book rental sites offer both physical and digital book titles, making it easy to gain instant access to books or have them delivered by mail depending on specific needs and preferences at the time of rental. In addition to entertainment options, the soon-to-be mom in your life should be able to get her hands on educational books that can help her learn more about everything from caring for a baby as it ages, to getting rid of stress through yoga, meditation, and other practices that can be done at home.

Babysitting Coupons

Another easy way to support the soon-to-be mom in your life is to include babysitting coupons in your gift basket. Use colorful pens and index cards to create the coupons – make each coupon unique by altering the specific service somewhat. For example, one coupon can be for an entire day's babysitting services while another is for an afternoon sitting session so mommy can take a long nap when she's in need of a serious break. Consider creating a few coupons that are good for babysitting while she goes out to enjoy her favorite hobbies or outdoor activities too.

Stretch Mark Cream

Another awesome gift basket addition that shouldn't be overlooked is stretch mark cream. This is a gift that's just for mom to enjoy, and it's something that will help make her feel good about herself as she adjusts to life as a new mom. Stretch mark cream can be applied at any time, and is sure to help mom's skin feel softer and firmer as time goes on. Just the act of using the stretch mark cream will likely give her some extra confidence as a woman and not just a mom when she's getting dressed to go out into the world. Contact a company like Apothederm to learn more.

Consider topping the gift basket off with an assortment of snacks and a package of organic coffee that will help keep the new mom in your life energized as she adjusts to life with a newborn.